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Travel to Kosovo and Balkans

Balkan Destination is a incoming tour operator based in Pristina, Kosovo, we offer various tours/itinerary’s for Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, etc. Our tours that are published down here in our website are designed to represent the above states for there:  culture, nature, folk show, wine and food tours, daily life and people. All this are done with a high professionalism and great love and passion for our country, this feeling that we like to transmit to our clients through interesting itineraries, fascinating venues and passionately capable guides. Our tours and itineraries are flexible, making it easier for you to customize your tour based on your own interests and time. We welcome other requests from individuals and groups according to your needs, we are more than happy to provide and develop tailor made tours according to your request. If one of our tours suits you best, you can book directly, in just a few minutes, you need to fill in, your details and pay by credit or debit card. Don't waste your time waiting for an answer for days from other companies, with us everything is easy to book your tour, and we answer your questions in record time. Be part of our trusted customers' choices. Please give your rating and feedback for each service you receive from us, in this way you help our company and other clients to see what our services look like. A multilingual local and international staff who live in Kosovo and other Balkan countries, care and support you from any type of booking for any of our products with us until you depart.